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Optimizing C++ Word Count

Yesterday’s post showed that the original C++ version is around 13 times slower than my non-optimized Rust version. Next, I’ll show how to get easily equivalent performance to Rust. One problem that I immediately made out when first seeing the C++ version is that it uses std::regex. std::regex is known to be horribly slow 1. Just replacing the checking of the file name extension with the in-built e.path().extension() != ".txt" speeds up from 373 ms to 52ms!

Sentry and C++

Crash Reporting If your program is running on more than one machine or is used by others, you probably want to get some insight into when things fail. I believe this is commonly called “Crash Reporting”. Such a crash reporting system will consist of a component to collect individual incidents and of a component to aggregate individual reports. For example, it will group common incidents by stack trace. One public example of this, is Mozilla’s system (Socorro).